One of the challenges we face as believers who want to do a better job of ministering to those with SSA is that there is, sadly, discord and disunity in the church. LifeGuard Ministries believes that all believers together are Christ’s church, His body here on earth. We are His saints! Author Christian Smith says it well:

“What I am suggesting here, then, is this: Christians, including evangelicals, need to learn better, first, how to put and keep their dogmas, doctrines, and opinions in their proper places, and then, second, to stop excluding, dismissing, discounting, and ignoring other Christians who do not deserve that kind of treatment. Everyone needs to take a hard look at their own rankings of their own beliefs and work on pulling down to their proper levels the doctrines that they tend to treat as dogmas and opinions that they tend to treat as doctrines or dogmas.

It should be possible for all sorts of Christians, if they really grasp the difference and importance of these three distinctions, to agree on a short list of beliefs that genuinely belong at the level of dogma, that are dogmatic (in fact, the church already did this very many centuries ago). Then, every Christian should happily extend the right hand of fellowship and communion with every other Christian who professes those dogmatic beliefs. Such an attitude of mutual embrace as fellow believers in the Christian faith by virtue of commonly affirmed dogma— however much they might disagree and debate at the level of doctrine— ought then to come to pervade the subtle attitudes, speech habits, and interpersonal relationships among different types and groups of believers. Such an embrace of fellow believers would go a long way toward overcoming the sin of disunity that currently besets the Christian church today.” 1

A beautiful demonstration of churches working together is happening here in Austin this fall. 300+ churches are joining together to participate in the “Explore God” campaign. There are billboards already up all across the city with simple messages encouraging people to visit the website. The website addresses a lot of commonly asked questions about God, with articles and videos that deal with each question in an intelligent, articulate, and non-judgmental manner. The website states that “Explore God creates credible content for people with spiritual questions and curiosities.” More info is available at


1-Smith, Christian (2012-08-01). Bible Made Impossible, The: Why Biblicism Is Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture (Kindle Locations 2531-2541). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.