LifeGuard Ministries takes a clear stance advocating that the love of Christ be practiced towards all impacted by homosexuality, even if or especially if it’s not always easy. We support the biblical position that acting out on same sex attractions is not in one’s best interest, nor does God want us to do so – but there is always grace available to each of us, no matter what sin we commit. We want to walk alongside everyone who has SSA, and together seek to let God transform all of us by His grace and mercy. We all need His help, together.

Seth Godin wrote in his blog that “To really stand for something, you must make difficult decisions, mostly about what you don’t do. We don’t ship products like that, we don’t stand for employees like that (“you’re fired”), we don’t fix problems like that.

It’s so hard to stand up, to not compromise, to give up an account or lose a vote or not tell a journalist what they want to hear.

But those are the only moments where standing for something actually counts, the only times that people will actually come to believe that you in fact actually stand for something.” Amen.