LifeGuard Ministries Austin is delighted to bring you a free presentation featuring nationally-recognized Ricky Chelette, founder and Director of Living Hope Ministries in Arlington, TX. Ricky has ministered to gay and lesbian youth and adults since 1989. He will be telling about his experiences, and will offer insight, biblical understanding, and compassionate responses we can all learn from. You can learn more about Living Hope Ministries here:

SSA (same-sex attraction) has proven to be a difficult subject for many churches to address. Because of this many have remained largely silent on the issue, because, you know, polite people just don’t talk about these things. Or, we’ve taken simplistic stances against homosexuality, which actually end up being viewed as hateful by those outside the church – further alienating the very people we say that we care about so much. In the meantime our youth are being informed on the subject by society at large, who say it’s no big deal. Many of our youth are being taught at school and/or society that taking a personal position which does not support homosexual behavior is actually being hateful.

People with same sex attractions are all around us, including our churches. We have kids in youth groups who are silently dealing with same-sex attractions because church is not a safe place to admit those feelings, or at the very least many of them have friends who are gay or lesbian and we are not giving them permission to freely ask questions about how to deal with this subject (because we’re not sure ourselves).

In the groundbreaking book “unChristian”, based off of a research project looking into the way 16 to 29-year-old non-Christians view Christians, the three most common perceptions of present day Christians are that we are anti-gay (91 percent), judgmental (87 percent), and hypocritical (85 percent). Ouch!

Let’s work to do better, shall we? Come join us for an hour of practical, biblical, compassionate, grace-filled teaching about what we can do to move forward. We look forward to seeing you there!