From Pure Grace, by Clark Whitten:

“Under the Old Covenant, each head of household in Israel was required each year at Passover to bring a lamb to the priests in Jerusalem as a sacrifice to atone for sins. Thousands of lambs were sacrificed in the city each year. The man would go out into his flock and select a lamb and keep it penned up for four days to examine it for any flaws. Only the best lambs were sacrificed. The man would then head for the city, and for some it was a long journey.

The man leading his little lamb came ultimately to the outskirts of Jerusalem where, for the first time, he saw the teeming crowds of people gathered there for Passover. Immediately he becomes self-aware. Aware of his physical condition after traveling so far, he notices his clothing is threadbare and dirty, his body unbathed and unkempt. This thought crosses his mind, I hope no one notices how I look, because frankly I’m a mess. Oh well, nothing to do about it now. I’ll just have to press on and hope no one notices. Can you imagine the man thinking such thoughts as he headed for the Temple leading his lamb? I can. I probably would have thought the same thing had I been him. But his worry is misplaced.

See, the truth is no one will pay the slightest attention to him. Why? Because all eyes are on the lamb! Everyone, including the priest, will be looking at the lamb, not the man. The lamb is the point of this whole exercise, not the man. He then hands his lamb over to the priest, and the priest pens up the lamb for four days to again examine it for flaws— only perfect lambs are sacrificed. The priest examines the lamb, not the man!

At the end of the time, the priest makes a pronouncement, “I find no fault in it!” Not only Pontius Pilate, but all of Heaven has said that about your Lamb and mine! “I find no fault in Him!” (See Luke 23: 4.) “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world,” John says in John 1: 29. First Peter 1: 18-19 says that we are not redeemed with corruptible things such as silver and gold, but by the precious blood of the Lamb. It isn’t and never has been about us— it’s all about Him!”