I recently watched the video from Gateway Church here in Austin where their pastor John Burke addressed same sex attractions in one of their weekend messages. He summarizes his personal experiences with friends who have SSA, and also his honest fears of teaching the church on the subject.

The last half of this talk he brings on stage with him 3 people with SSA who attend Gateway (one of whom we at LifeGuard know and love very much!). They tell their stories, and it’s absolutely riveting and beautiful to see. Towards the end John Burke says that in his opinion these three have more faith than any heterosexual believer he knows, obviously an incredibly encouraging thing for them to hear, I’m sure. But what really struck me was that he said these three were facing their deepest fears, and that ultimately all of us need to do the same, no matter what issues we face in our lives.

That’s probably one of the greatest blessings Maureen and I have received as a result of being involved with LifeGuard this last year. Walking alongside other believers who are honestly facing their deepest fears has blessed us and encouraged us to do the same ourselves. In doing so we have experienced God’s love and grace far deeper and more wonderfully than ever before.

Grab yourself a bag of popcorn and enjoy this encouraging talk: