In the recent Exodus video What Does 2013 Look Like For Exodus? Alan Chambers states that “The church should be the number one place where someone feels that they can go in the midst of their messy situation. The body of Christ should be first responders – we should embrace messy, not endorse it… we are here to serve people in need of being served.”

That’s beautifully stated. First responders often walk into messy situations. Aren’t you glad that the First Responder reached into your messy life, and embraced you? That He still does so today, and every day? As we contemplate the amazing grace Christ has in dealing with us it becomes easier to take our eyes off our own problems and start to or continue to love others in the midst of their mess. And if you’ve recently made a mess of any sort, accept His grace for you right where you are, remember Romans 8:1 assures us that we are NOT condemned, and go share Christ’s love with somebody else “in need of being served.”