Today the US Supreme Court declared the DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act) unconstitutional by a vote of 5-4. They also declined to rule on California’s Proposition 8 court case, thus clearing the way for their governor to declare gay marriage constitutional in California.

As a voting citizen we should feel free to support those we support, and vote the way we want. As a Christian, today’s rulings mean… not much. As Tip O’Neill famously declared, “All politics is local”. In this context, how does this affect us personally in the way that we treat gay people?

If they had upheld DOMA the impact would have been pretty much the same – not much. If we truly believe that all have fallen short and need a savior (that includes us and every other person we meet) then how we treat our gay friends is not impacted by today’s decisions. We still want to share with them the amazingly good news that even though we all deserve death for our sin, we may receive redemption and righteousness in Jesus Christ. And for anybody who has accepted that Gift we want to celebrate our new brotherhood and encourage each other to continue to mature in Him, living our lives out of the new man He places in each of us. Which ultimately leads to all of us trusting Him and His word more and more for our lives.

We are to love God and our neighbors. Another passage boils it down to this – love one another. If we go about trying to manage other people’s sins we are in the wrong boat.

One other quick note, Alan Chambers recently did an excellent interview about Exodus closing down. It seems that once all the dust settled he was able to answer common questions that arose, and it’s a blessing to read: