Andrew Marin wrote the following in his book Love is an Orientation:

“I was reading an interview with Billy Graham’s daughter. She was telling some of her fondest memories about her dad and recalled one time in particular, when the Graham family was attending a rally in support of President Bill Clinton after his sex scandal was made public.

A reporter asked Billy Graham, “Why are you here supporting this man after everything he has done to this country?” Reverend Graham’s answer was succinct, powerful and true. “It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, God’s job to judge and my job to love.”

When I read that sentence I started to cry because it just put words to what I had unknowingly been doing within the LGBT community since my immersion began. It’s not the job of Christians to convict the LGBT community. That’s the Holy Spirit’s job. It’s not the job of Christians to judge the LGBT community. That’s God’s job. It’s the job of Christians to love the LGBT community in a way that is tangible, measurable and unconditional-whether we see our version of “change” happening or not!”

Christy McFerren is an Austin-based “blogger, designer and speaker covering the topics of Church and Culture.”  About 4 months ago she wrote an article for Prodigal Magazine where she shared about her struggle with SSA. While the article was beautiful, I found her responses to some of the difficult questions in the comments following to be even more amazing. She is living out the response that Billy Graham spoke about. Enjoy! – On Homosexuality: It’s OK to Fight