A change in attitude towards those with SSA (same sex attractions) is gradually occurring in the American church. Driven by constant social pressure, the church is having to face years of denial and bigotry towards those with SSA:

  • Some are digging in more rigidly to defend their interpretation of the Scriptures, which often results in non-loving behaviors
  • Most are recognizing that we can’t deny the reality that for years the church has acted in ways that have not demonstrated even the possibility of love, grace, and redemption for those with SSA
  • Some have even changed their attitudes and behaviors towards those with SSA, emboldened by the overwhelming outpouring of general public support for those with SSA 

While we should hope, teach, and pray for change based on the completed, redemptive life of Christ, sometimes we have to learn lessons from teachers we’d rather not choose. In this case, the American public is speaking loud and clear – demonstrate bigotry and judgment towards those with SSA, and we will not respect your message.

That’s not to say that we can’t support a Biblical stance on what we think God prefers regarding homosexuality, but we can only do so in the context of saying that “we all have sinned and fall short – come walk alongside us as we embrace his love, grace, and power to effect positive change in all our lives”. Primarily pointing fingers of condemnation will not work in this post-modern age, maybe never again. In fact, did it ever?…