LifeGuard Ministries takes a clear stance on advocating the love of Christ for anybody with same-sex attractions even if, or especially if, it is not always easy. We support the Biblical position that acting out on same sex attraction is not compatible with Christian teachings, but there is always mercy and grace available for each of us, no matter what.

LifeGuard offers separate, confidential meetings for men with SSA, women with SSA, and friends and family of those with SSA. Our Ministries page provides more information about each. If interested, you may contact us by using the Contact page on this site for details about our meeting times and places, or for anything else you’d like to talk about.

We want to let you know how much we appreciate your ministry and what the ministry has meant to our son and our family. We love and appreciate your dedication and willingness to serve in this capacity.

Thankful parents

After reading your testimony, I honestly can say without ever meeting you in person, your light of God shines through you in the lives of everyone lucky enough to be touched by you! What an answered prayer you are to me! You are truly one of the very FEW ‘life preservers’ in my life! Thank God for you and for LifeGuard Ministries! I can see how your ministry got its name.

A relieved mom

I cannot express to you how thankful I was this Sunday afternoon to find your testimony. After months of looking for someone who had gone through what I have been going through I am more than elated!

A friend with SSA