I am very appreciative of the support, encouragement, and acceptance of the people at LifeGuard. I thought I came here to get “fixed” but realized that what I gained are brothers and sisters linked together in this challenge.

– From a Group Member

I joined LifeGuard group to learn how I can best help my daughter, who has identified herself as gay since she was a teenager, and how to maintain a strong relationship with her.
From friendships formed within the group, and through sharing our thoughts and experiences, I have realized that my daughter needs to know that I will always love her unconditionally.

- From a Parent

Our Great Story can be yours too…
Once upon a time God answered my prayer in a surprising way…

I was introduced to the wonderful people of LifeGuard ministries on June 5, 2010.
Ever since that day, it’s still a daily struggle to overcome same sex attraction (SSA). I daily make a pledge for Christ to be the center of my life and Journey.

“Our lives are an act of worship, our hearts, mind, and soul, a living sacrifice holy
and acceptable. God transforms us by the renewing of your mind.” – Romans 12:1

Please make the next step and reach out for help @lifeguardministriesaustin.org.

- From a Group Member

“Thanks for your help on Friday night. I didn’t think anyone, least of all a Christian could ever help me get over this.”

- From a Group Member