Here are links to some of our favorite resources:


Living Hope Ministries – (Online Forums) – Living Hope’s mission is to proclaim God’s truth as we journey with those seeking sexual and relational wholeness through a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Since 1989 Living Hope Ministries has provided a safe place for individuals seeking restoration and healing through weekly support group meetings, moderated online support forums, in-depth discipleship programs, and active partnerships with churches around the world.

The Cure – From the Amazon book description – “The Cure gives the diagnosis of this century’s religious obsession with sin-management. It has poisoned the Church, obscuring the Original Good News and sending millions away-wounded, angry and cynical, from nearly any organized expression of faith. The Cure offers an authentic experience in Christ that frees some from a self-rewarded righteousness, and others from a beaten down striving for a righteousness they can never seem to attain. The Cure infuses a relational theology of grace and identity, which alone can heal, free and create sustainable, genuine, loving, life-giving communities.”

Julie Rodgers – “I… write and speak about faith and sexuality. Because I live the questions and love Jesus with all my heart, it’s a joy to share about the vibrant life He offers those of us on a quest for congruence. My hope is for the church to become a safer place for people to be honest about their process—to see them surrounded by compassionate people who will walk with them rather than talk at them.”

Quick Spiritual Reset – From Maureen Herring – daily short blogs about a scripture passage, typically 5 sentences long.


  • John Lynch, Bill Thrall, and Bruce McNicol – The Cure