LifeGuard Ministries has created a seminar for churches called Enlarging Our Hearts. In today’s world all believers are now facing homosexuality. Most media groups and much of American culture are asking questions and having good discussions about the subject. For a church who does not feel comfortable with endorsing a homosexual lifestyle, how can they understand, love, and welcome those with SSA (same-sex attractions)?

Since 1991 LifeGuard Ministries has ministered to those with SSA in the Austin area. We are uniquely qualified to assist churches in:

• Understanding the challenges faced by people with SSA
• Creating a safe environment in the church for those with SSA
• Equipping church members to demonstrate the love and grace of Christ to the LGBT community

We are passionate about this subject, because Christ is passionately loving all mankind, not wanting to exclude anyone! We’d love to present this entire seminar, perhaps on a Saturday morning, to your group. Please visit the Enlarging Our Hearts Seminar page on this website for further details.