LifeGuard Ministries Austin

We. Love. You. Jesus Christ revealed the heart of our heavenly Father, and He is love, pure and simple. Forgiveness means our sins are forgotten. Our greatest need is not to learn to love God more but to learn to receive His love for us. Father is who God is; God is what He is.

If you have accepted the good news of Christ taking away all our sin then you are forgiven! Shame is not part of the equation. If God isn’t focused on our sin we shouldn’t be focused on it either. If you haven’t experienced this good news, we’d love to talk with you about it.

At LifeGuard Ministries we believe that our focus should be on building our relationships with the Father rather than trying to change our behavior through rigorous self-discipline or religious behavior. As we experience His love and grace our perspectives change so that we see ourselves as He sees us. Then our behaviors change in response to what He has already done and who He has already made us.

LifeGuard offers separate meetings for men with SSA (same sex attractions), women with SSA, and friends and family of those with SSA. Please contact us using the Contact page on this site for details about our meeting times and places.

Men and women with SSA

LifeGuard Ministries Austin is a safe place for you to come and listen, learn, share, and grow as we talk about Christ’s grace for all our lives. A lot of people who trust in Christ and attend church have SSA; many of them attend LifeGuard on a regular basis. We don’t believe having SSA is a sin, but we do believe that acting out on these temptations is not something our heavenly Father wants us to do. Wherever you may be on your journey with SSA we are not here to judge you, and we want you to know that you are not alone.  We encourage each other to rest in His love, and receive the peace we all desperately need.

Parents of a child with SSA

We want to encourage you to continue to love your child unconditionally, just as Christ loves us. At LifeGuard parents of kids with SSA help one another process through this experience together. We are here to listen, counsel, laugh, talk, pray or cry with you. LifeGuard is a safe place for parents too!

 Spouse of someone with SSA

We understand that SSA puts additional challenges and stresses on a marriage. It is far more common in churches today than many would believe for one member of a couple to have SSA. At LifeGuard we want to offer our support, acceptance, respect, love and friendship to either or both of you.


We trust in the power of Christ’s grace alone for all of us. It’s time for the church to leave our Christian bubble and drop the unique stigma that many apply to gays and lesbians. We’ve all fallen short in so many ways, and we can only rely on the grace of Christ for all our sin. Thankfully that’s enough. Beating people over the head with the Law will never help those with SSA to receive and enjoy the peace of Christ. It’s time we stop!

Religion says “You are what you do.” Christianity says, “You are what Jesus has done for you.” If there truly is “no fear in love” then coercing people into loving God through fear of hell and judgment is not love. The view of God that results from such coercion is not that of a loving Father. People who feel threatened by God are going to respond with fear, not love, so if love is the goal, this tactic is a failure. The unchurched see right through this, and they stay far from it.

God isn’t looking for more excuses to keep people out of Heaven than He is to let them in. It’s silly to call Him “unconditionally loving” and “full of grace” and then give conditions under which He can’t treat people like He loves them.

Growing in faith is not about forcing people to change their beliefs and actions through fear. We trust God to change our perspective as our love for Him deepens and our knowledge and understanding grows. Certainly God doesn’t like it when we sin, but He is a patient, nurturing Father who delights in us, not an angry God looking for a chance to punish us. Growth works the same way in the spiritual world as it does in the natural world; nurturing and maturity produces change. This takes many of us years to go through!

It is the job of the Christian community to extend love, kindness, and acceptance in a grace-filled non-judgmental environment that encourages love, trust, and delight in the Father, Son and Spirit.

Guard my life & rescue me; let me not be put to shame for I take refuge in Thee.” – Psalms 25:20